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About Us

Çitil Attorney Partnership which founded by Atty. Ali ÇİTİL in 2010, has been providing advocacy and consultancy services based on mutual respect and trust to the clients of individual and companies operating in national and international fields since its establisment.

Çitil Attorney Partnership has a staff of theorists, practitioners and academicians each of whom are experts in their fields. As working system, legal disputes experienced by its clients, conferred with theorician and practioner staff and determined a road map to solve. Partnership aspires to enlighten the clients about this road map, follows the road map to reach the result successfully and pursues to the end with care and precision. Everyone attending Çitil Attorney Partnership is considered as a long-distance companion and every attorney attending is considered as a candidate attorney according to principle of merit. The relationship between lawyers is based on mutual respect and trust. Law school students and trainees determine the dynamic, future and goals of the partnership. Altough Çitil Attorney Partnership is registered in Istanbul Bar Association, it provides advocacy and counseling in all provinces of Turkey due to solution partnerships. Çitil Attorney Partnership bearing in mind that independent and freelance qualification of attorneyship professian, provides expert and qualified services. At the same time, partnership attaches great importance to instituonalize and aims to be law firm provides advocacy and consultancy services in national and international fields.     

Çitil Attorney Partnership is registered to İstanbul Bar Association Attorney Partnership with 115 register number and TBB Attorney Partnership with 219 register number. According to 2016 TBB Attorney Partnership register records Çitil Attorney Partnership is the one of 229 attorney partnerships.


Çitil Avukatlık Ortaklığı

İstanbul Barosu Avukat Ortaklığı Sicil: 115
TBB Avukatlık Ortaklığı Sicil: 219
Vergi No: 2580901737
Vergi Dairesi:  Zincirlikuyu


Çitil Avukatlık Ortaklığı

Denizbank Maslak Ticari Merkez ve İstanbul
Kamu Finansmanı Şubesi
Hesap No / Şube: 3580-12219181-351
IBAN:  TR15 0013 4000 0122 1918 1000 01